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xbeautifulhellx's Journal

autobiography of a stranger

empty promises and broken hearts
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80s, a lexington winter, afi, alkaline trio, art, at the drive in, aviators, bath, batman, billy idol, blondie, bowties, bright eyes, broken glass, broken hearts, cameras, candy necklaces, captain planet, coheed and cambria, colors, conor oberst, converge, cool kids, curly hair, cursive, cvs, dark, death by stereo, death cab for cutie, denali, donnie darko, drawing, dreaming, dunkin donuts, early november, eighteen visions, eyes, fabulous disaster, fashion, fight club, fimmano, finch, flowers, forgetting, from autumn to ashes, giant rabbits, glasses, hair, hamburglar, hardcore, hats, hearts, him, hole, homestarrunner, hot hot heat, hugs, issac brock, it, jets to brazil, knives, lies, mad caddies, markers, modest mouse, mogwai, mosh, msg, music, night, ninja turtles, ninjas, norma jean, pens, people, pez, phonecalls, photographs, photography, photoshop, pipedown, pirates, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, psyduck, punk, queen, quinn, rain, rainer maria, reading, red, rise against, robots, rock, rock stars, rocky horror picture show, saddle creek, sahara hotnights, scissors, shoes, shows, silver, simpsons, skunks, socks, son ambulance, stars, stephen king, stories, taking back sunday, tape, teen girl squad, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the blood brothers, the cheat, the clash, the cure, the french kicks, the getup kids, the mars volta, the misfits, the mood, the outsiders, the red death, the sky, the unicorns, the used, thrice, thrift shops, thursday, tight pants, tim kasher, timmo, tsunami bomb, ugly casanova, unearth, unite, vendetta red, watches, writing, xiu xiu, yeah yeah yeahs, you